Founded in 1970, GÜLLE Integrated Textile Operations Inc., has respectively established its knitting, fabric dyeing and dressing, yarn dyeing and dressing, yarn and printing facilities until it reached the capacity of integrated production in a range from fiber to cloth.
Within this process, the firm strengthens its sales network and its leading position in domestic and foreign markets and keeps growing day by day.The firm is based on the investment on production technology and product quality and it takes the principle of following and adopting every development.
Today, the firm’s collections that constantly pursue creativity and designed fashionably are preferred by international brands The firm’s main purpose is to catch the perfection in its operations by wide product range and by service-based corporate organization.

Our activities that reflects our social performance in our way to become a sustainable corporation;

  • While employing, we aim to provide gender equality, employee diversity and equality of opportunity in our corporate approach. We promote employing female employees and positive discrimination for decreasing inequalities, and follow the principle of equality in career planning.
  • We perform our employment practices in consideration of UN 2030 sustainable development goals.
  • We have contributed to social development by building schools and dormitories for education and training fields.
  • Work ethic, workplace hygiene and safety, employment and working practices as well as education issues were chosen as primary sustainability issues by top management, employees and customers.
  • We aim to improve all processes in line with our customer focused approach and total quality management.

In memory of Halis Gülle, our founder who inherited our goals and principles, a memory from the first days of his entrepreneurship…