GULLE Textile has adopted the following principles in order to perform its obligations towards nature and society within the scope of its environmental awareness:

  • Prevention of environmental pollution
  • Conducting environmental activities according to the national legislation and internationally accepted management system standards
  • To make it possible for employees to gain environmental awareness by providing them with the necessary training and helping develop a culture that promotes individual responsibility taking
  • Monitoring of the customers’ rules pertaining to environment continuously and arranging internal operations in line with these rules
  • Updating the studies about environmental awareness according to current requirements.

In line with these principles the following will be done;

  • In the cleaning facility , the waste water is first treated and then discharged to ensure its integration with the environment.
  • The complete amount of waste and its effect on the environment is minimized by frequent checks.
  • The paper , plastic and metal waste of the establishment is collected separately to minimize the resource consumption.
  • All kinds of material used in production are purchased from companies that are internationally certified for compliance with environmental standards.
  • Our employees are trained to ensure that they are aware of their environmental responsibilities.