To maintain the continuity of our reputation that we have gained through the hardworking and effort of all our employees and carry it even further we have set our goals as;

  • To meet out customer’s expectations and provide satisfaction,
  • To deliver works on time without compromising on quality,
  • To work even harder to become a preferred and sought-after firm,
  • To use advanced technology in every stage of production,

and to always produce the highest quality products under the responsibility brought by the identity of being a pioneer and model company with its experience and background.

As GÜLLE TEKSTİL in line with our goals;

we endeavor non-stop to produce the highest quality products. Our hard work leads our products to international success and makes us proud; thus accelerates our works


To ensure that our country takes its place in the international competition in textile sector and to increase production by contributing to the development of textile industry, and to increase the dependence of Europe and rest of the world on our country in textile sector.


To put the trust of our customers and quality standard of our products before any kind of commercial concern, to follow the quality principle both in management and production,

to pioneer the development of textile industry which is the vital point of the economy of our country, to contribute to employment increase by creating new job opportunities, and to always be open to learning never confining ourselves with our current knowledge.


Being pioneer, different and preferred in textile sector is our strength.