About Us

We have grown by continuously developing, adapting to the requirements of the age and renewing.

For more than 50 years, we have taken care to know, use and carefully process cotton, which is the most ancient plant of this geography. We combined the deep-rooted history of cotton in these lands with our technology, science and technique. We aimed to contribute to the society, the world and our country's economy with each product we produced.

Today, we carry out integrated production in many areas from fiber to fabric.

With each passing year, we become more specialized in our field and strengthen our sales network and leader position in domestic and foreign markets. We aim to be a pioneer in the sector with our investments by transferring our knowledge and experience in knitted fabric production to new generations and to always go further with the products at high standards that we export to different continents.

We primarily invest in production technology and product quality; closely follow all kinds of developments and incorporate them into our body.

We are preferred by international brands with our product quality, innovative approaches and trendy collections. The basis of our activities is to serve the wide variety of products quickly, on time and flawlessly.

We adopt a corporate culture that respects its employees, the society, the world and the environment. We take the necessary steps to become a sustainable company and use our strength effectively. We always attach importance to gender equality and equality of opportunity, and aim to strengthen the role of our women in the employment we provide.

We take all measures and always protect nature by controlling the water footprint and carbon footprint in the dyeing and finishing plant, never forgetting our responsibility towards the environment. We adopt a production approach that is environmentally friendly, productive and respectful to the environment and people.

As Gülle Entegre Tekstil İşletmeleri, we all know the value of stone, soil, air and water very well, and we work with all our strength, aiming to be a pioneer in Turkey's locomotive sector with our deep-rooted principles and values.

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