İsmail Gülle, Oğuz Satıcı and Tahsin Öztiryaki were competing in the directorial election of Ordinary General Assembly. Tahsin Öztiryaki was the present deputy director while Oğuz Satıcı had been the director of TİM between 2001-2008

Meanwhile, the new director İsmail Gülle had been the Chairman of Executive Board of İstanbul Textile and Raw Materials Exporters Association between 2003-2018.

TİM, where 440 deputies voted, has almost 71 thousand members. İsmail Gülle recently expressed his will to become the director of TİM with his sense of rule to solve the problems of exporters and reach an export goal of 500 billion dollars.

İsmail Gülle was elected as the new director of exporters by receiving 149 votes out of 389 deputies.

In the meantime, Tahsin Öztiryaki received 140 and Oğuz Satıcı received 109 votes. Also, 27 council directors were elected in the General Assembly.

After the election Gülle stated that TİM has witnessed the most civilized election ever, and added:

“I will try to make best of this duty that you have assigned to me. Position will mean less while services increase even more. No one will be left out of the game. We will transform TİM into a different institution as we have promised. I have served in all positions possible of TİM over last 20 years. We will become stronger, more proactive and creative from now on. The winner is exporters.”


Source Habertürk