Fabric batches, production of which are completed are packaged after passing through fully automatic quality control machines then delivered to customers. The net and gross weight (kg) and roll length (m) of each roll are measured by the same machine untouched by human hand. After the quality control team evaluates the batches and rolls according to international scoring method, dispatch decision is made.

Our Laboratories:


Physical Control Laboratories:

In the fabric laboratory, physical tests of completely processed or semi-finished fabrics are carried out. This ensures that products meet customer requirements and international standards. All operations in laboratories and conditioning rooms are carried out under standard ambient conditions of 20Cº and 65% RH.
Tests in the accredited laboratory by Next(UK) apply to the ISO methods listed below:

    • Dimensional Stability: BS EN ISO 6330-5077
    • Washing Fastness: BS EN ISO 105 C06
    • Water Fastness: BS EN ISO 105 E01
    • Alkaline Perspiration Fastness: BS EN ISO 105 E04
    • Acidic Perspiration Fastness: BS EN ISO 105 E04
    • Frictional Resistance Test: BS EN ISO 105 X-12
    • Pilling Tests: BS EN ISO 12945/1 , 12945/2 , 12947/1

Color Laboratory:

After customer’s color standard is scanned by spectrometer (DATACOLOR) in gray room fully automated dyeing tubes are prepared according to the results, then the color cartel of dyed samples are delivered to the customer for selection.
Also, a very large archive of studies is always ready to serve for color selection.
Spectrometer is also used for comparing plant color outputs with the customer-approved laboratory work and process continues with the computer validation

Printing Laboratory:

in accordance with the pattern design plan in the direction of the requests from the customers, the study of the pattern colors in the templates and the prototypes are made for the approval of the customer

Yarn Laboratory:

USTER TESTER 5, Ribbon and yarn imperfection and yarn hairiness measurement
USTER TENSOJET , Yarn durability and elasticity measurement
USTERAFIS PRO, Nep, length, pollution measurement of raw materials and semi-finished products and cleaning adjustment control in blow rooms and combers
USTER HVI SPECTRUM, Color, length, strength and fineness measurement of raw material
ZEWIGLE TWISTING TESTER, Yarn surficial appearance imperfection control
PRO WHITE MANUAL TWISTING, Single or multiple layer yarn twisting control