Our objective is to change, develop and continuously renew.

Gülle Tekstil, which leads the sector by changing, developing and continuously renewing, aims to carry the Turkish textile sector to the world by adhering to the principles of global sustainability. In line with these purposes, it aims to ensure sustainability in customer satisfaction by producing the highest quality, innovative and trouble-free products.


It has been our main objective to review and improve the ways that we produce and consume products and resources in order to achieve economic growth and sustainable development.


Risks, opportunities and efforts, climate and water have shaped our corporate goals.


In this direction, it has been ensured that hazardous chemicals are eliminated and safer alternatives are selected through R&D studies. Protection of limited natural resources at the stage of use in production for a sustainable future, protection of environmental areas, arrangement and improvement of working areas, occupational health and safety are the corporate sustainability objectives of Gülle Tekstil.


The understanding and performance of sustainability on a country basis begins with corporate sustainability and the company's value systems. Gülle Tekstil's business approach is in human rights, anti-corruption, responsibilities in working fields, environmental consciousness principles and values, in such a way to meet universal fundamental values.


Regarding the interconnected climate change around the world and environmental challenges; Gülle Textile follows the process of environmental responsibilities through direct and corporate supply chains to protect water, energy and biological diversity.


It performs the works on time and in the correct way without compromising its understanding of quality.


It continuously improves its quality management system standards by complying with national and international standards and legal legislations.


Protection of limited natural resources at the stage of use in production for a sustainable future, protection of environmental areas, arrangement and improvement of working areas, occupational health and safety are the corporate sustainability objectives of Gülle Tekstil.


It follows new technologies, researches quality techniques, adapts innovations to business processes quickly and effectively. And to lead the development of the textile industry, which is the lifeblood of the country's economy.


Gülle Tekstil is aware of the fact that the principle of corporate sustainability depends on balancing and meeting the needs of all its stakeholders.


It cares about creating value for all of our stakeholders, achieving sustainable long-term success and winning together with all its stakeholders.

Quality Policy

In order to be the pioneering enterprise in its sector and maintain this qualification; Gülle Tekstil has determined as its vision to increase the preference of our country in the world textile sector, by adhering to Global Sustainability Principles. Accordingly;

  • It undertakes to ensure sustainability in customer satisfaction by producing the highest quality, innovative and trouble-free products,
  • To do things right and on time at once, without compromising the quality approach,
  •  By making the Quality Management System Standards applicable in line with our strategies, to continuously improve our services by complying with current national and international standards within the framework of the legal legislation,
  • To research new technologies and quality techniques in order to continuously improve; to adapt innovations to business processes quickly and effectively,
  • And to lead the development of the textile industry, which is the lifeblood of the country's economy.
    taahhüt eder.

Environment-Occupational Health-Occupational Safety Policy

Yeşil fabrika anlayışı doğrultusunda üretim yapmayı; çalışanlarına, müşterilerine, tedarikçilerine örnek olmayı ve toplumu bu konuda bilinçlendirmeyi hedeflemekteyiz. Bu doğrultuda üretim faaliyetlerimizin tüm aşamalarını sağlıklı ve güvenli bir çalışma ortamında gerçekleştirmek bilincinde olan firmamız;

  • undertakes to use appropriate technologies in order to prevent pollution, consume less natural resources and minimize our possible impacts on the environment,
  • to take proactive measures by evaluating the environmental aspects of all production activities and to carry out production by conducting nature-friendly alternative studies,
  • To contribute and support the relevant studies of non-governmental organizations for a sustainable environment,
  • To follow the developments in the world in order to meet the legal and international regulations on Occupational Health, Occupational Safety and Environment, as well as the conditions and expectations of the customers and customer groups, of which our company is a supplier; and to continuously improve them by adapting,
  • Çalışanların katılımıyla risk değerlendirmesi yapmayı ve kabul edilebilir risk seviyesine ulaşmak için önlemler alarak fırsatlara dönüştürmeyi,
  • İş kazaları ve meslek hastalıklarını önlemeye yönelik çalışmalar yürütmeyi, uygulamayı ve uygulatmayı,
  • İş Sağlığı ve Güvenliği ile Çevresel sorumluluklarımıza uygun olarak stratejik hedeflerimizi ve performansımızı sürekli gözden geçirmeyi, iyileştirmeyi, çalışanlarımızın bu konudaki sorumlulukları hakkında farkındalığını sağlamayı,
  • Tüm çalışanlarımızın, İSG ve Çevre çıktı performansını olumlu etki sağlayacak şekilde katılımını sağlayarak, ortak İSG ve Çevre kültürünü oluşturmayı taahhüt eder.

Energy Management Policy

As Gülle Tekstil, we have determined as our vision to adhere to the Global Sustainability Environment – Energy Principles and to place them in the main axis of our activities for sustainable production. Accordingly;

  • It undertakes to prefer technologies that provide energy efficiency and are environmentally friendly while creating all processes as of the design stage,
  • To use natural resources efficiently, to increase recycling and recovery,
  • To purchase products, services and technologies that provide energy efficiency,
  • To comply with legal and other terms in force regarding energy,
  • Belirlediğimiz amaç ve hedeflerimiz için gerekli bilgi ve kaynakları oluşturmayı; periyodik olarak gözden geçirmeyi, sürekli iyileştirmeyi,
  • İklim değişikliğini önlemeye yönelik olumlu etki yapacak Ar-Ge ve Ür-Ge enerji verimliliği projelerini yapmayı,
  • Politikamızın çalışanlarımız ve diğer paydaşlarımız tarafından anlaşılmasını sağlayarak ve bilinç ve duyarlılığı arttırmayı taahhüt eder.

Human Resources Policy

The recruitment policy of our company is to bring employees to our company, who adopt business values, have the competencies required by the dynamism of the company, know the importance of the customer, are willing to learn and develop, have a productivity-based, system-focused approach, and can maintain high performance; and to enable them to use their professional and personal development and energy in the most efficient way.

In line with the determined vision of our enterprise and being aware of its social responsibilities; we undertake that we will not engage in Discrimination - Maltreatment - Mobbing and similar behaviors during recruitment, which will be deemed as a "Violation of Labor and Working Freedom". Work Management Procedure will be applied in all practices.

  • Each job application will be accepted after being recorded.
  • Discrimination will not be made with respect to race, religion, language, sect, gender, kinship, friendship, political opinion, marital status, age, physical disability, membership to any union, while evaluating job applications.
  • Bad words and actions, sexual and sensual harassment, swearing, derogatory movements, ridicule, disrespect and intimidating behavior are not allowed.. The Harassment and Bullying Prevention Policy will be applied to employees and those who will be recruited.
  • Child labor cannot be recruited and employed. Child Labor Prevention Policy will be applied. It is prohibited to employ children and young workers by making a special contract with binding conditions with the families of children and young workers.
  • A contract will be signed with the recruited personnel before s/he starts working, his/her approval will be obtained and a copy will be given to him/her. Conditions that can be regarded as forced labor cannot be included in the contract. The contract cannot contain articles that include penalty.
  • During recruitment, women will never be asked for a pregnancy test and no questions will be asked them about this matter.
  • Prisoners cannot be employed by assigning work to prisons.

As Gülle Tekstil management, we undertake to establish the systems necessary for the implementation of our policy and to implement and improve them; to organize the necessary training activities within the framework of the training plan so that all the policies and procedures determined by our management are known by all our employees and to exercise all legal rights of our employees as the company management.

Information Security Management System Policy

In order to provide the targeted outputs with the strategic objectives, mission and vision of our company, for the purpose of conducting the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information assets and ensuring their sustainability within the framework of TS ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) applications;

  • We undertake to plan, implement, control and continuously improve the ISMS by determining information security objectives and activities,
  • To determine how to meet the legal terms of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data against all kinds of threats that may come from inside or outside, knowingly or unknowingly; and to integrate the ISMS works with other management systems implemented by our company,
  • To protect information assets, to ensure accessibility to information as required through business processes, to meet the requirements of the legal legislation,
  • To prepare the inventory of information assets by determining the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility criteria of ISMS,
  • To identify and analyze existing and potential threats and risks with a risk-focused ISMS approach and to carry out risk processing works,
  • By monitoring and evaluating the latest new technologies, to do planning in order to adopt these new techniques and adapted to our enterprise in case of need,
  • To deal with the security of not only the data kept in the electronic environment, but also all the data in the written, printed, oral and similar media,
  • To take the necessary measures by considering the relevant "Internal and External Issues" together with the "Related Parties" within the scope of ISMS and to share them with the parties.

Environmental and energy management activities are monitored by the environmental management unit within Gülle Tekstil businesses.

With the ISO 14001 certificate it has, Gülle Tekstil Boyahane İşletmeleri undertakes to create and maintain an environmental management system, prevent pollution and continuously improve in accordance with the requirements of the standard.

Gülle Tekstil is the first company in Turkey which has performed water footprint assessment as a textile knitting dyeing plant and is verified in accordance with ISO 14046 Water Footprint standard with an accredited body. Calculating the water footprint is quite important in terms of making plans for the future, developing solution suggestions for problems, increasing the awareness of water saving in the society, ensuring participation in water management on the basis of stakeholders and realizing changes in national policies. Implementation of this standard has identified the potential impact, and enabled our enterprise to adopt best business practices and effective management of resources; and formed a basis for us to determine our needs for sustainable production, resource efficiency and future research and development. In order to realize our sustainability strategy, our water management has been founded on solid basis with the water footprint assessment which took place for the purpose of reducing the environmental impacts of water usage, determining the methods and ensuring resource efficiency.

Environmental performance is evaluated annually over the Higg Index and verified by the independent organization.

All activities of ZDHC are followed, our membership to ZDHC Gateway module has been going on since 2018, and our wastewater analysis reports and InCheck report, our chemical inventory, are made accessible to our stakeholders.

Our chemical inventory list is prepared and published in the BV3 module, which is controlled by Bureau Veritas.

For each product manufactured at Gülle Tekstil, the life time can be monitored starting from the raw fiber to the finished product stage. All raw material resources for sustainable production;

  • *In organic products, in accordance with the GOTS Standard, in a documented form,
  • *With BCI, the largest cotton sustainability program in the world,
  • *Ecovera certified (viscose obtained from trees in controlled forest areas),
  • *Recycle products are processed with GRS documents.

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